Our objective

To offer solutions

We offer the following services

Slick line

Naser Oil Division gives you safety, responsibility and guarantee on each challenge, minimizing poor quality related costs to 0.

Some of the services we offer are:

  • Dynamic and static Pressure gradients.
  • Reservoir Pressure tests and build up with in depth shut in valve.
  • Tubing calibration.
  • Tagging T.D.
  • Gauge Ring runs
  • Bailing sand and debris
  • Kinley perforator, sandline cutter, and caliper
  • Fishing operations
  • Paraffin cutting
  • Setting / Pulling flow control tools from Baker, Otis and similar.
  • Rental of FLOW CONTROL tools – Otis

Our surface pressure control system is rated to 10Kpsi and 5Kpsi. Elmar Brand

Well testing

Naser Oil Division offers value, reliability and responsibility that is required when making well test operations. Our staff, experience and equipment combine to get the best results in this service. We are working every day to get your satisfaction guaranteed.

Our strong experience in conventional wells, as well as also in extended testing in unconventional formations, coupled with the high quality of our products and services at competitive costs make our company your best choice.

Data Acquisitions & Memory Gauges

The Online data acquisition system is a service that we offer to complete the Well testing service, enabling monitor all variables from a well in progress, from any location, via the Internet.

Our Spartek Memory gauges (Sapphire) rated to 10Kpsi, 135 ° C, capable of storing up to 1,000,000 samples, make pressure and temperature records to have optimal results.


Naser Oil Division has on its inventory completion tools of a wide range, from mechanical set PKR´s (10Kpsi differential pressure) to SSD, Landing Nipples and Wireline entry guide.

We offer comprehensive advice to achieve the target with your completion and can assist you in the completion selection process, whatever company is selected to run the job.

We also offer work in the field next to the Co-Man, to help minimize operational risks by doing pre-job checks in different contractor’s operational bases.

Services brochures: