Slick line

Slick line

We serve the oil and gas industry during the completion process, optimizing production through the life of the reservoir.

Today, to reduce well intervention costs and to increase production we work closely with you, making it possible to achieve that goal. It is no surprising that everything begins with experience; in Naser Oil Division we incorporate to our staff, well trained professionals that help to reduce well intervention times and restore full production, with minimal NPT (nonproductive time) and solutions innovative.

Count on us to provide all the capabilities of Slick Line applications, from basic interventions during completion (Tubing calibration, Paraffin cutting, etc..) to the application of advanced slick line services such as: mechanical setting and pulling (setting Flow Control Tools , Shifting sleeves, Dynamic and static Pressure gradients, etc..).

Most common offered Slick Line services are:

  • Dynamic and static Pressure gradients.
  • Reservoir Pressure tests and build up with in depth shut in valve.
  • Tubing calibration.
  • Gauge Ring runs
  • Bailing sand and debris
  • Shifting sleeves
  • Setting / Pulling plugs and chokes
  • Setting / Pulling gas lift valves
  • Bottom hole pressure and temperature surveys
  • Kinley perforator, sandline cutter, and caliper
  • Fishing operations
  • Paraffin cutting
  • Setting / Pulling flow control tools from Baker, Otis and similar.
  • Swabing.